QFace - The first gaydar grounded in science. Update: 01/08/2015

Q: What is QFace?
A: QFace is an iPhone/iPad based gaydar app I created based on a 2011 publication by Albright College, citing a correlation between facial asymmetry and sexuality.

Q: How does QFace work?
A: QFace takes several facial measurements and calculates the probability of someone's sexuality based on a set of values found to be consistent between men of different sexualities. For a detailed explanation of how the measurements are taken, you can refer to the Albright study.

Q: How accurate is QFace?
A: The initial study was a measurement between facial asymmetry and PERCEIVED sexuality. And as we know, human perception is not error proof. To side step this issue, QFace not only measures facial asymmetry, it takes into account other facial aspects determined through a series of equations to pinpoint the most likely sexuality. As additional versions of QFace are released, that accuracy will grow with time.

Q: So you are working on future developments of QFace?
A: Indeed we are. Several additions are being made to QFace that will improve its accuracy.

Q: I have questions concerning QFace, how do I address them?
A: You may email the developer privately on his Facebook page or you can post in the comments below.

Note: QFace is currently pending review in the iTunes app store.

Update as of 01/08/2015: Apple rejected the application stating it would allow a group of people to be unfairly targeted. I completely understand Apple's point of view, so I will be releasing the app in other forms, which is why it has taken so long to release.


  1. Are you going to make an Android version? %)

    1. I'm working on it, hoping to have it released before or around mid-December.


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