The Legend of Korra vs Avatar: The Last Airbender

WARNING: If you are a newcomer to TOK, this blog post is full of spoilers.

The Legend of Korra is everything from the previous series and more. An uptick in the age of the new avatar gives the series a new flavor. And Korra is the opposite of Aang in many ways. She's a female, hot-headed, and tends to react quickly, as where Aang is a guy who likes to stop and think. She has very little connection to the spirit world, just mere flashbacks comparable to Phoebe's power of premonition on Charmed. Whereas Anag can easily sit, think, focus, and in moments be floating through the world of the ethereal. And most noticeable of all, Korra easily learned fire and can't produce air, Aang being the reverse.

However, there's one difference that stands apart from them all. One difference that pulls the watcher in more closely to this second series. The Legend of Korra is dark.

The music has a deep emotional tone, one that creates a sense of dread, fear, and imminent doom. An example of this is the background music that plays when Amon takes control of the radio and warns the city to shut down the airbending games or else. Even light-hearted moments, like when the radio announcer is announcing his own capture to the stadium, have a dreadful musical tone, signaling the seriousness of the situation.

And the darkness of heart break is rampant in this series, like when Amon takes control of the bending arena, takes away the bending of the champions, and escapes Korra and the police chief's grasp, signaling a clear blow to the good guys and an emotional defeat.

Another notable side of darkness in TOK is death. Death was censored in ATLA, but it took a more direct approach in TOK. Ammon's power kills the power of a bender. I define it as killing because a bender has a profound emotional response to losing his bending. The once proud airbending champion, who has his bending taken by Ammon, is seen looking like a broken down alcoholic who just lost his mother.  And the most notable deaths in the series so far being at the end of season, as an explosion kills Amon and Tarlok.

Despite all the amazing differences between the two, there are plenty of delightlful similarities, like the love between Korra and her best friend, reflecting the love between Aang and Katara. And in both series the Avatar sports a powerful and intelligent animal companion, that no other person seems to have.

With that being said, I look forward to season 2 of TOK and can't wait for its return. March 2013, the rumored preimer date of TOK has come and gone and my addiction is still not fed. However, I am patient! And I know, based on past performances, that whatever the writers' come up with, the TOK season 2, similariites and differences aside, will be an amazing show.


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