Fix black screen and blinking caps lock cursor when installing Backtrack

When installing Backtrack 5, upon start up you may have an issue where it shows a black screen instead of the normal start screen with the Asian characters. You may also notice that the caps lock cursor is blinking.

My Fix:
  1. Press  CONTROL+E at the menu that lists the different operating systems/distributions for you to select during boot up. 
  2. You should now be at the grub file. Add "i915.modeset=1" after the word "vga=791"
  3. Press CONTROL+X to boot
Unless you permanently change the GRUB file, you will have to do this at every boot. I do not use backtrack enough to invest time looking for that solution. However, Google is an amazing asset :-)

Note: A lot of people are saying to enter the proper command after the word "splash", but on my Toshiba Satellite, it is after "vga=791".


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